Araceli Poma


Libre como el Agua (“Free like water”), by Javier Lazo, is part of the EP 2021 by Araceli Poma, which was recorded with extraordinary musicians from Peru, such as Coco Vega, Fredy Gómez and Gigio Parodi—and from abroad, such as Matt Geraghty (New York), Pépé Felly Manuaku (Congo) and Hugo Candelario (Colombia), all of them led by the Peruvian musician Javier Lazo.

Araceli Poma

Arando - 2017

Araceli plows
By plowing, she rakes the earth and stories germinate
Among old songs of love and disappointment
Araceli plows
By plowing, she rakes her story
Coastal sounds irrigated by the jarana’s fountain
Araceli plows
Walking through furrows, sowing land
Spreading fresh seeds from the inherited fruit
Proud part of the harvest of time
Araceli plows
And by plowing
Delving through the sounds
Tracking stories
Moving the earth
The root sprouts:
The language of her grandparents


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