She is one of the most representative artists of the new generation of Peruvian musicians. Owner of a moving and intense voice, she is creating her own tradition.

Araceli was nominated for the 2020 Latin Grammy Awards, with the album and documentary The Warrior Women of Afro-Peruvian Music, produced by the North American label JUST PLAY, led by New York music producer and bassist Matt Geraghty. This production poses a defiant challenge to racism, sexism and marginalization, through the power of the music and culture of the African diaspora. It was recorded in Peru, New York and Chicago, with the participation of memorable guests, such as Howard Levy, founding member of the Grammy Award-winning band Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, and multiple Grammy Award-winning pianist and arranger Gil Goldstein.

Her work is defined by her interest in making visible the fundamental contribution of women, challenging racism and marginalization through her music in the dissemination of Quechua, her grandparents’ native language, which now is endangered recovering popular genres of Peruvian music, disseminating the legacy of male and female cultivators of the musical tradition—and, due to her Afro-Andean heritage, betting for the unification and integration of cultures.

Araceli Poma is a Peruvian Culture Ambassador based in New York. She has recently formed the band AFRO-ANDEAN FUNK, which she fronts alongside Matt Geraghty. Soon they will release their first album with original songs. The music presents a wide spectrum of traditional and modern styles inspired by the struggle of women in the Andes and the stories and beliefs of their people.

The music of Peru is well represented by Araceli, who—on every trip she takes around the world—gives Afro-Peruvian and Andean music concerts and workshops, which show the cultural pluralism and musical beauty of Peru.

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